In the center of Athens, there is The Trap Bar

One of the oldest licensed establishments in Athens dated back to 1950’s.

After some changing of ownerships and properties The Trap bar opens at 1/1 2016 to make a fresh start in a classic and old building that has seen a lot!

Classic decoration, laid back attitude, friendly atmosphere and simple but strong and clear flavors in the drinks and food .The Trap is here to stay and remind us that the simple is always better.

‘ The Trap’ is a bar that is characterized by warm and relaxed atmosphere, strong flavors and pleasant and friendly people. ‘ We like to keep things simple as life itself and we insist on original flavors in coffee, drink and food. We encourage interaction with our guests and we love to create long lasting, personal relations. We desire that our visitors will connect us with good memories and hospitality alongside with quality of the service and the food provided.

A very updated back bar with respect to fine Whiskies and Rums , some difficult to find spirits and innovations that start from inside the bar and goes on to the drinks, like cocktails on Tap, their own IPA and Pilsner Beer and a menu that is actually a city guide with a pop up map that shows their favorite spots in the city The Trap is for sure a must see Bar when you in Athens.

A trap is only a trap if you don’t know about it. If you know about it, it’s a challenge
China Mieville, King Rat